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Frontier Trapper Blk

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The Frontier Trapper Boot was the second boot I ever designed. Originally it was conceived to compliment our 2012 "Call of the Wild" Collection with it's rustic, wear-and-tear holes and patching. The side-pocket and the bullet keeper on the back were an afterthought. I thought the modern-day "trapper gal" might like to have a place to store her cell phone, credit cards, and a little ammo.

 Even though the Frontier Trapper Boot was designed to merchandise with a specific collection, it still is a top seller - gutsy gals that "carry," love it and are always sending us pictures of them and their "loaded" Trappers.

  • toe: southern
  • leather: a combination of 5 worn and perfectly distressed leathers
  • heel: riding/9964 (1.625")
  • shaft height: 15"
  • features: unmatched nail heads, ammo holder, cell phone and credit card pocket, purposeful patching and mending